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Blending Dixie Belle Paints

I've officially began my journey with blending Dixie Belle paints. I've watched videos before that seemed to make it look easy, but when I started on my own, I was having a more difficult time than I was hoping for. After taking a step back and giving it a day, I came back and something clicked. Remember, YOU ARE WORKING WITH VERY THIN COATS (NOT MUCH PAINT + WATER) SO THAT MEANS NUMEROUS LAYERS. BUILD UPON YOUR LAYERS. In-person the blending on this piece looks more flawless then in this video with lighting and my phones auto-lighting. Check back on my website or Facebook page for final pictures of the completed project. I HOPE THIS HELPS!

You can buy Dixie Belle Paint at

The colors being used are Palmetto, Antebellum Blue and Vintage Duck Egg.

The brushes being used are Dixie Belle Flat Medium, Dixie Belle Mini, Clingon Round R20, Clingon Shorty S50.

SYNTHETIC BRUSHES ARE BEST! I tried using a natural bristle brush as my blending brush and it was not good. Left to many bristles and brish strokes. It doesn't have the amount of bristles and consistently of bristles as synthetic.

Please let me know your thoughts, questions, and pointers.

You can buy Dixie Belle Paint at

How-To Videos: Video

Adding a "wash" to help bring out details

You can use paint, or in this case gold leafing, to give your details some POP without having to completely paint them over. All you need is the color that you would like to do the wash in, spray bottle, paint brush, and a rag or paper towels. You can also do this in place of using a glaze or wax. Very easy and the nice thing is you can always add more or take some away. Order Dixie Belle Paint here:

How-To Videos: Video

Glitter Resin Pour

Please subscribe ♡ In this video you will see the full process and supplies needed to create a finished look of a resin protected top coat with glitter mixed in to give an amazing sparkle and durable surface.

How-To Videos: Video

Quick tip - easy way to cut paper when lining drawers with curved front.

Use this quick tip to speed up the process when cutting paper or fabric to line drawers.

How-To Videos: Video
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