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Refinsihed Furniture Design


My name is Tina Brown.

​In 2012, I refinished my first hutch. I was SO proud of it. I remember when my dad, the accomplished carpenter, complimented how great it looked and I felt so proud . With that being said, I didn’t know much about paint, stains, repairs, waxes, tools, etc. I used spray paint and no was very pretty but dull.

​In 2017, I got the idea to buy, fix up and sell children’s playhouses. It was so much fun and a great creative outlet. It was also a way to bring in some added income on the side. Once we got toward the end of that summer, I could tell there was less of a want/need for outdoor play items and my mind began to wander for the next creative outlet. A friend at work had been refinishing furniture for a few months and I loved EVERYTHING she was doing! She is the one who taught me how to make chalk paint, who Annie Sloan is, what waxes and glazes to try, how to stain wood, and so on. I finally took the leap and purchased a small, outdated TV console. I painted it in a “duck-egg” blue color, sanded and stained the top in Kona, painted the hardware in oil-rubbed bronze and replaced the glass with chicken wire. I sealed it all with wax and a charcoal glaze and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! I sold the piece just a few days later. I felt so accomplished and happy. I was ready to go!

All day, everyday, I can't wait to find time here and there to sand, paint, repair, and tinker around. At least 75% of my clothing now has paint on them because I’m so impatient to get my hands (and hair) on that paintbrush! Since I completed that first piece in October 2017, I’ve transformed many pieces, including varying sized dressers , large hutches, dining table and chair sets, vanities, buffets, and so on. I also often work on custom pieces for clients.

A lot of time, effort, attention and passion goes into each piece. They are my babies and I love knowing that I am helping to give them new life, and ultimately, a new home. I love working with new products, colors, and stains, and I’m constantly trying new things.

In 2018, there were some changes in my family’s needs, specifically in regard to my young son. Since then, I have been able to cut back my hours at my “job” to be home more. So, keep this in mind- I am a working mother and wife who has found a craft she REALLY enjoys. I love my family and try to get in as much time as I can with them.

The 2020 has brought some BIG changes! I officially registered Vintage Revitalized as a business and I also became a Content Creator with Dixie Belle Paint Company. Such an honor! I've also had to maintain a wait-list of clients ready to have their pieces revamped. Truly appreciate all the trust and support. 

I will continue to work on pieces that bring me joy (and sometimes a few swear words) because that is what life is all about- spending our precious time doing the things we love and are passionate about. I enjoy the quiet, the tools, the photos of the pieces in their new spaces, the new people I meet and the art of it all.

If you decide you would like to have some of your pieces “revitalized,” please know that I truly appreciate the faith that you have entrusted me with. Your support creates the opportunity for me to continue doing what I love, while I can be with the ones I love 💕

Tina Brown


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