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With the exception of its PC-3500, the PC-6001 is virtually identical to the PC-1000. The PC-6001B and PC-6001F were the same as the PC-6001, but they were sold without the ROM cartridge slot. The PC-6000/6000R series is basically a direct copy of the PC-6000 series with added features like additional 7 MHz divide clock speed and support for Cartridge ROM cartridges. The special models PC-6000R-100 and PC-6000R-200 had, however, CPU clock speeds of 16 and 20 MHz, respectively. They also featured add-on speech synthesizers, cartridge expansion and video memory, as well as smaller power supply. The PC-6001 was replaced by the PC-6000 series, which was sold in two versions: the PC-6000 series featured a cartridge ROM slot and the other version did not. The PC-6000 series was completely compatible with the PC-6001 series. The PC-7001 series is a super version of the PC-6001 series, with enhanced features such as 256K ROM memory, on-screen display and modem support. The "Regional" models differed in the ROM memory size: PC-7001A-25 and PC-7001A-50 feature a ROM size of 25 kB and 50 kB, respectively. The PC-7001B-50 model supports cartridge ROM cartridges. A rare model is PC-7001B-200, which lacks the cartridge ROM slot. Products PC-3500 PC-3500 series is the main product line of the Japanese Zenith. It is composed of the PC-3000 series (2-microcomputer) and PC-5000 series (4-microcomputer). It was sold for home and family market. PC-3000 series The PC-3000 series was introduced in 1987. It is a 16 MHz single-chip microcomputer, which does not feature cartridge ROM cartridge slot and supporting only the 12-pin D-shell socket. PC-3000I and PC-3000II PC-3000I and PC-3000II were the basic models of the PC-3000 series. They came in four variants: PC-3000I-80, PC-3000I-120, PC-3000II-120 and PC-3000II-160, which featured various CPU clock speed, respectively. PC




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Nec Pc 8801 Rom Download glynyear

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